8 Websites to Buy Weed Online in California

I get it. Sometimes it’s more prudent to order your weed online rather than taking the trip to your favorite dispensary. You get it either way, but it just feels so much better getting it without having to put much work in. And while some delivery services may tack on exorbitant additional fees, or provide you with principles that don’t quite meet your pleasure, ordering online is rapidly becoming the way to procure pot for temporarily disabled and inert stoners alike. Below KushCA lists 8 of the best websites in the Golden State to get your green:


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Nugg is strikingly similar to other cannabis popular delivery services in that it aggregates all the popular dispensaries in your area and provides you with a comprehensive list of which ones deliver to your front door. I have used Nugg and others on this list extensively, and my only gripe would be Nugg doesn’t seem to offer as many dispensary choices as the others.The dispensaries they do offer can sometimes, at least in my experience, be a bit sketch. Nonetheless, this could simply be a matter of locale, as I live in a neighborhood where cannabis dispensaries are not readily available. If you’re looking to check out Nuggs selection, click this link here for $20 off your first order.


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Meadow is a fairly new entry in the cannabis delivery scene, and they are already making a name for themselves. A bit more comprehensive than Nugg, they are similar in the sense that they provide you with a list of different dispensaries in and around your locale. What I feel sets them apart is website functionality and a more robust customer service model. I also seem to find better deals with them, just saying. Click this link for $10 off your first order! 


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I like Eaze for two simple reasons. They are VERY accessible and they deliver to you quick, and I mean QUICK (typically under 20 mins). That being said, Eaze is not called the Uber of cannabis delivery services for no reason. They are a corporate model, that is fairly obvious. For while you may get your green rapidly, don’t expect it to be cheap. Eaze likes to tack on those tech prices, making your average low-grade $27 1/8 at least $35 after fees. But hey, if you need your bud in a jiffy, there’s really no better alternative (they also recently began accepting credit cards!) Type in Promo Code happy605 at checkout or Click here for $20 off your first THREE orders from them.

Speed Weed 

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Serving the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of Southern California, Speed Weed (I love pot puns) offers flowers, edibles, hash, wax, concentrates and cannabis products. This may not sound like a big deal but I have often had to choose one of the delivery services on this list over another simply because they didn’t offer the concentrates or edible I wanted. Nonetheless, like other sites on this list, ordering online requires membership. The site says privacy is a priority and that its delivery service is fast, safe and discreet. Since I have never tried them I can only quote them, so let me know in the comments section if what they say is true.


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Harborside is fairly new to the delivery scene, offering the very reasonable rate of free delivery to residents in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their downside, however, is that they only accept cash, money orders and cashier’s checks. Additionally, their drivers only accept exact amounts of money. The site’s menu of medical cannabis products includes flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, seeds and accessories such as shirts. Orders can be made online 24 hours per day, although deliveries are only made 1-7 pm daily.

Greenrush Delivery

Greenrush is hands down my favorite on this list. I find the list of the dispensaries they provide more than comprehensive, as they routinely include cannabis collectives that accept credit card, something that is paramount as this industry enters the 21st century.  I often use them when ordering my own weed online and can truthfully report I haven’t been disappointed (yet). Another plus is they perhaps offer the best “first-time customer” deal on this list, with $20 off your first FOUR orders with them (use promo code KUSHCA or just click the link). You can’t beat that with a platinum bat!

Pot Valet

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Featuring a comprehensive menu, Pot Valet will deliver to literally every city within the borders of California, often within the same day or within 2-3 business days. They also feature an extensive selection of promo codes and coupons to ward off funky overdraft fees. For example, POT15 is a promo code from Pot Valet that offers $15 back on your first three purchases. That is a total of $45 just to welcome you! Please note that you will still need to provide proof of a valid medical marijuana ID before you can purchase your pot! 



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KushFly is specifically for wannabe actors and those waiting for the wall to drop. If you’re a Los Angeles resident they offer same day delivery. Due to commutes in LA basically taking 2-3 hours you better order early in the day if you expect to have your weed by suppertime. They offer an extremely comprehensive menu of flowers, concentrates, edibles, balms and more. An added bonus is their generous deals, which arrive in my mailbox with great frequency. Too bad I live in San Francisco. No worries, though, I still got you. Click on this link above for 10% off your first order.

Honorable Mentions

Kush Cannabis

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Hey, shameless promotion here. Kush Cannabis is KushCA’s very own pot delivery service. We’ve partnered with Greenrush to be able to provide you the most comprehensive cannabis menu in the Bay– Nay, the entire state of California. Click here to find deals in your area. If you’re one of those folks who likes free things, click this link for $20 off your first order with us. 



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  • Troy Montana

    I go to http://www.chroniccities.us they are a great website been using them for over a year, I cant find crap in my town. if you are looking for some good bud at a good price head there.

    • Thanks for suggestion Troy. I typically am cautious of sites that ship worldwide, due to varying laws, as well as the accessibility the Bay area affords pot smokers. However if you think they’re legit would love a review or some more feedback about them.

      • Troy Montana

        yeah not a problem just doing my best to help out. I have always received my stuff from them.

        • Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking? And how much do you typically order from them? Just curious. If they’re legit I’ll reach out and provide link in article. Regardless, good looking out!

          • Troy Montana

            I live in Minot, ND. I usually purchase between an eighth and an oz all depends on what my cash flow looks like at the time.

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