How to Get Free Weed in the Bay Area

I think we can all agree that these are challenging times. We’ve got an insane orange neophyte as our Commander-In-Chief and men everywhere are having their true rapey colors brought to the fore. And while the economy might be climbing at a steady clip, out here in the Bay Area you can rake in $80,000 a year or more and still qualify as low-income. What that means is budgeting (aka getting as much free stuff as you possibly can) is a must.

Luckily, there are some creative ways you can mitigate your marijuana expenses.  Below I’ll show you ways to get free weed and continue to get free weed, so being a little persistent (or at least pretending to be) will be helpful. Something else to keep in mind is that everything I will list I have done myself, so rest assured, you can do it too:

Become a Marijuana Ambassador

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Out of all the suggestions I’m going to list, being a marijuana ambassador is hands down the easiest way to consistently score free weed out here in the Bay Area, although it won’t happen overnight. The first thing you want to do is sign up to a marijuana referral program or loyalty points program–basically, any program that allows you to refer patients to a company and get paid in money or weed for doing so.

I’ve signed up for quite a few of these programs and have some opinions on them all, some good, some bad (keep in mind these are all California based).

Eaze: Eaze used to have a robust ambassador program but alas, once the company started raking in the big bucks they didn’t need us poor lil’ pot peons any longer. No worries, while they won’t pay you in cash, you can receive Eaze credits by promoting their “Refer a Friend” link. If you’re a patient of Eaze you should see your own special promo link somewhere in your profile. This link will allow you to provide both you and first-time Eaze patients with $20 in Eaze credits. Additionally, if you are part of the Eaze “VIP Program” (meaning you order from them three times in one month) your credit is bumped to $40. So far I’ve gotten close to $500 in free weed from Eaze.

Nugg: F**k Nugg. There I said it (and damn does it feel good to get off my chest). A customer support model that is virtually non-existent, a useless FB page– I have received close to 300 sign-ups on Nugg and have only had about 12 individuals actually place an order, a number that, whichever way you cut it is glaringly crooked. As far as pay or credit goes….well I’ve been paid about $120 so far, every cent of which I have had to beg and scrape and wait many months for. Any requests for help via email or on their FB page or any other means of communication has been met with cricket laden silence. Quite honestly you’d be better off not promoting Nugg at all. If, however, you’re a glutton for frustration, the process by which sign up is exactly the same as Eaze’s. The only fundamental difference is with Nugg you can create your own promo code and pump, pump up the jam.

Greenrush: The folks at Greenrush are legitimate. I can confidently attest to this as I am both a GreenRsuh ambassador and a partner. What this means is that I get paid for bringing customers to them. Not only that, I receive credits through their delivery system which means I am often getting free cannabis as well*.

Meadow: Meadow is another site that has a marijuana referral program by which you can receive free weed. So far I have gotten about $100 of free fauna from them, as their credit payout is kind of low at $10. But hey, free weed is free weed right?

Trestl: I don’t have much of an opinion on Tresl as I have never ordered from them (although I plan on doing so soon). They also offer “weed credit” meaning if you refer folks to them they will give you free weed. And free weed, as you know, is the main reason you’re even reading this.

Flow Kana: Flow Kana is another Bay Area delivery service that prides itself on farm to store cannabis. Similar to Eaze, they provide registered users their own promo code by which to give others $20 off their first order. For your hard work you receive free weed (and Flow Kana has some good weed).  I’ve never really promoted them to be honest, as I had some issues registering my medical card. However, let me know in the comment section your experiences with them and the other companies I’ve listed.


*Keep in mind when you click on some of the links in this section they are affiliate links, however, you will receive a healthy discount if you place an order. 

Attend Cannabis Conferences, Events and Mixers

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Although cannabis conferences don’t happen all over the country, they do happen with great regularity in states where pot is legal. Just this year alone I’ve attended well over a dozen pot mixers, events, and conferences in the Bay Area. As someone who is attempting to remain alcohol-free, these events are a great alternative to the booze-infused revelry you often see accompanying large networking events.

The best thing about many of these cannabis-themed events is that you will be sure to find free weed. And if you don’t manage to cop a buzz, well honestly that’s on you. Not only do many cannabis conferences have actual dab bars where people line up to take–you guessed it–dabs; you often have vendors providing samples of their goods whether they be edibles, a new line of vape pens of some super organic gluten-free ganja.

Sign up to cannabis-friendly mixers on Facebook and Meetup and you will be sure to find large-scale events to cottage industries where folks are simply mingling for the sake of meeting others interested in or working with cannabis. These mixers are typically chocked full of weed. And if you happen to attend a mixer where folks are trying to be a bit more straight-laced, meaning they’re only drinking coffee and talking policy, find that one glassy-eyed professional, nod knowingly and point to the patio. They’ll get the hint.

Ask for Free Weed on Craigslist

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Yes, I’ve done this before (on more than one occasion to be exact) and yes it does work. There are honestly good people out there with a lot of weed. It’s your job to find them.

Okay, so how to even go about doing this? Simple. Ask.

Place an ad on CL saying you’ve fallen on hard times or that your wife and kids ran off with another family and left you in debt and sleeping on your parent’s futon at night. Trust me. Shit like this happens a lot more often than you think.

Anyways, say whatever. I assume you’re desperate and creative. Likely you will receive a couple of snide remarks but you might also find someone who will humor your desperate albeit ballsy behind. Which you are, as this should honestly be your last choice to cop free weed. But hey, free weed is–yeah, you get the idea.

Date a Stoner

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This one is a no-brainer. If, like Shelia E. you’ve got “The Look”, pimping yourself out for some free weed may just be the thing you need to get on.

Come, on, don’t act like you’re too good for this. We’ve all done it at some point. Hung around that one asshole who annoyed the hell out of us just so we could smoke his weed. Or kept ordering from that one douchy dealer just because he had the super fire. Yeah, we’ve all done it before. Update your Tinder or High There profile and get to swiping right, stoner– the perks are plentiful. Not only do you get to smoke all the time when you date a stoner, eat delicious food and watch engaging movies; depending on how well you carry your weight in other departments you may never have to pay for a crumb of weed as long as you’re with them.


Get Free Weed At Dispensaries

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Earlier this year Berkeley, in their infinitesimal social-justice oriented wisdom,  mandated that medical marijuana dispensaries provide cannabis free of charge to low-income patrons. Other dispensaries in and around the Bay Area have followed suit, meaning that if you are low-income you can stroll into your local dispensary and demand they give you free weed in the name of social equity. Just kidding, don’t do that–please.

Instead, find out if the dispensaries in your area even provide such a program. Most importantly, determine if you qualify as being low-income. Because low-income doesn’t necessarily mean you’re just poor. Low-Income means you’re eligible for EBT, CALFresh, GA, SSI or any such variant. So quick–get to falling on hard times, supporting a family of five and living check to check. Then you’ll be able to smoke all the free weed you want.

I will admit I haven’t tried this method yet, as I’ve always skirted that fine line between doing just okay and government defined destitution. But there are many who aren’t as lucky and will find this to be an easy way to harvest free weed when times are rough which, if we’re all going to be honest, they can be most often than not.

Keep in mind that as always, the list above is not exhaustive. There are definitely other ways to score free weed in other states like Washington, Colorado and even freakin’ Alaska. KushCA likes to stay in its lane though, so click on that link you just skirted over if you’re looking for ways to score free weed in your town.